Friday, April 25, 2014

My first Race!

Over the last couple of months,
I've met amazing and really cool people out here on the docks, willing to help out and answer any of my questions!
I've been walking around and just being completely honest telling everyone how I bought a sailboat, have zero sail experience but is very eager to learn. The intentions were to save up go to OCSC, and at some point take the first class! $700, I'm not sure when I'll have.

I ran into Nancy, who lives with her husband chuck   and Mr Captain Jack Sparrows the Jack Russell on a _____Boat,
She's probably given me one of the best advices thus far,"go crew with other boats make friends, you'll get to see the different kinds, learn about them and well learn to sail!" put your name on the billboard she said, you'll be snapped up really quickly!

I kept that in mind but I hadn't quite asked around, in attempt to pretzel my bike and stuff it into the back seat one day, a guy entering the dock looked over to my silliness and said" are you crewing with us today?" I said yes! erm I mean no! but I would love to!

Since then I've gotten to know Peter, Peter and Rob from the Back Bay Boat!
I helped out on Back Bay just yesterday helping them add additional rope lifelines.
their plans are to race in the Pacfic Cup to Hawaii.

they've been out and about doing numerous other offshore races and beer cans!
Their up coming race will be the and I'm really excited to say
I'll be joining them on the


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