Monday, April 28, 2014

Window Replacement - Starboard Side Done!

Starboard side  done! 
I had hope to video my entire process, but the stuff I was dealing with got too gunky and messy, so I stopped and took photos instead. Hope you'll enjoy watching snippets of the first half of the process!

 Starting this project on April 8th and finished April 20th,  I knew i had two weeks of beautiful shine before any signs of precipitation. Thankfully I got it done 4 days before it started to pour, which is today!

I discovered that the sticky stuff is Beutal, stays forever sticky and ridiculously hard to remove.
taping the edges is always better when cleaning mess up.

Special thanks  to David, Travis and Jay for giving me advice and help!
here are some of the progression photos!

And a video of me very happy my boat is not leaking :D

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