Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stop look and listen - May 17 - 3 months

Month 3

The many terms i've learned
Lines not Ropes
Spinnaker and A Symmetrical Spinnaker also known as kite
broaching is not quite capsizing
Chicken Jive, Jiving - Watch your head and head to the other side
PB and Jelly's are suddenly an incredible difficult task to make when at sea and in cabin.
the cockpit is personal space, when crossing from boat to boat, cross at the bow.
expire flares can still be shot but illegal.
Dynamic rope and static rope, long short, measure and tag them
bowline knots are your best friend
and the list goes on.

It's been a great couple of months living on a boat, I've come to learn about racing, how exhilarating, I'm still compiling the video and will log the experience some time soon.

I now often miss certain things whenever I'm not home. The pontoon beneath my feet that rock from side to side, whenever i leave or head home. The fact that sometimes, my house is at level with the road, and sometimes almost 5 feet below, always humors me. The squeaking of the dock lines against the edge of the boat, the water knocking on the side of my stern when the wind starts blowing in the middle of the afternoon and the boat then responding by rocking form side to side ever so slightly. When I'm on shore, I sometimes feel the need to tip, my sea legs now expect.

I've learned about the geography build of the bay area waters and it's perfect conditions for sailing in the summer - how were set pressed in the middle where the bay warms up in the afternoon and the air churns strong winds perfect for sailing. People keep telling me, sailing going to happen so much in the summer. How I'm longing to get to know more people who sail. yet, my free time, has been occupied with cleaning and fixing the boat and my curiosity about where to get stuff and the best upgrades for the boat.

I've also been less ignorant of the living things around me, I've taken the time to breath, stop look and listen, to take time to stare in the ocean. In the morning at 8am flocks of birds, take a dip between the   boats and docks, no vocal communication between any of them as I watch them having their breakfast in such synchrony. My only memories of sea lions used to be by a pier, for their humorous floppy behaviors and unfortunate poppy smell when they congregate and bask in the sun. Now they'll pop their head up ever so often and glide elegantly and quickly off sight, the unexpected, leave me appreciative,for their beauty. The jelly fishes, and silver fishes greet me in the sparkling water and most recently, a sting ray, oh how lovely.

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